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See the New A&D MX/MF Moisture Balances replaces AD-4712, AD-4714A, & AD-4715
AD-4712,/14A/15: Models will be available thru Summer, 2003

AD-4715 offers results in 5 minutes in predictive modeUncompromising rapid moisture measurements, top notch performance and functionality from a leader in the weighing industry - A&D Weighing

Choose A&D moisture balances for the high level performance in quality control, production, incoming inspection and receiving applications.  Moisture determination in raw materials, intermediates and finished products are key factors in delivering a consistent uniform product in production applications. 

The quick results the AD-4715 provides using the predictive mode allows you to quickly make adjustments to your manufacturing production process.  Whether you are making pasta to automotive belts, moisture content is vital to manufacturing an optimum product.  Moisture balances are almost vital equipment for wastewater treatment plants in determining percent solids of sludge. 

The infrared radiation & detection of weight loss delivers considerably shorter measurement times compared to conventional methods, and better reproducibility of the measured values.  Get results faster and with greater reliability than conventional oven drying methods.

A&D offers a great line of moisture balances that are simply to use.  Load the moist sample, close the drying cover, and press the start key.  After a short time, read the results on the large bright LCD.

WinCTWith the built in RS232 standard with the AD-4715 and optional on the AD-4712 you can interface either of these moisture balances with your pc.  The new A&D WinCT can generate an hard copy data record for ISO/GLP compliance a cinch.  The WinCT balance communication software is absolutely free, and you can download your copy online here.

See the New A&D MX/MF Moisture Balances replaces AD-4712, AD-4714A, & AD-4715
AD-4712,/14A/15: Models will be available thru Summer, 2003


  AD-4715 AD-4712 AD-4714A

A&D Model:




Measurement Method Infrared radiation & detection of weight loss
Sample Weight Range

1 ~ 300g
0.04 ~ 10.58 oz

5 ~ 70g
0.18 ~ 2.47 oz

5 ~ 70g
0.18 ~ 2.47 oz

Weight Readability




Water Content Measurement Range

0~ 100%(wet base)

0~ 100%(wet base)

0~ 500%(dry base)

N/A (dry base)

0~ 100%(solid base)

N/A (solid base)

Water Content Readability

0.01% / 0.1%



Water Content Accuracy

0.1% (over 3g)
0.2% (1 ~ 3g)

0.1% (20 ~ 70g)
0.2% (5 ~ 20g)

0.1% (10 ~ 70g)
0.2% (5 ~ 10g)


Digital LCD, Moisture Content (%), Temperature C, Time (min), Weight (g)

Drying Temperature

40 ~ 200C
104 ~ 392F

50 ~ 400C
122 ~ 784F

50 ~ 180C
122 ~ 356F

Time setting

1~ 990 min of continuous
Automatic Predict

1~ 90 min of continuous

Weighing Pan Diameter

130 mm / 5.1 in.

120 mm / 4.7 in.

95 mm / 3.7 in.

Temperature Control Method

PID thermostatic control Thermistor sensor

PID thermostatic control Platinum sensor

PID thermostatic control Thermistor sensor


400W Infrared Lamp

280W Sheathed Ceramic Heater

185W Infrared Lamp

Data Output

Std. serial interface

Optional serial interface FXY-03

Not available




Not available

External Control Std. remote control keyboard Not available Not available
Power (factory installed) 100, 120, 220, 240 VAC
Weight 5.4 kg / 11.9 lb 4.9 kg / 10.3 lb 3.0 kg / 6.6 lb
Dimensions (mm)
(W) x (D) x (H)
194 x 319 x 331 195 x 315 x170 210 x 320 x 318
Dimensions (inch)
(W) x (D) x (H)
7.6 x 12.6 x 13.0 7.7 x 12.4 x 6.7 8.3 x 12.6 x 12.5
RS-232C Standard on AD-4715 use WinCT to import data to Excel Optional Accessory part number FXY-03 RS232C - $210.00 Not available
Standard Accessories

Spoon, Tweezers, Pan Foils, Manual, Dust Cover

Additional moisture pans ET:SHEET-AD4715 (Pan foils 20 pcs) ET:SHEET-AD4712 (Pan foils 25 PCs) ET:SHEET-AD4714 (Pan foils 10 PCs)
Replacement Lamp (120V)

(120V Lamp)


ET-IR185W-120V (120V Lamp)

Replacement Lamp (220V)

(220V Lamp)


ET:IR185W-220V (220V Lamp)


Specifications subject to change

See more info on the AD-4715

The secret is out.  You have been paying too much for laboratory disposable items - Weighing canoes, boats, aluminum weigh dishes, moisture pans, glassine paper, filter pads, beakers, microscope slides & more at prices never seen before. 

See the New A&D MX/MF Moisture Balances replaces AD-4712, AD-4714A, & AD-4715
AD-4712,/14A/15: Models will be available thru Summer, 2003

Warning - Moisture balances should not be used on any volatile organic sample with flash points.  Even a MSDS rating of 1.  Samples with low flask points like Acetaldehyde -38°C or MEK -4°C should not be used with the A&D Moisture Balances and maybe you should look at Karl Fisher as an alternative.

Although you might presently perform analysis with an oven on these sample the ovens typically have ventilation and a much larger cavity than the typical moisture balance that operates on the principles of TGA.  In addition, with most moisture balances there is no ventilation so all the fumes remain inside the hood of the moisture balance.  We strongly recommend you consult with a safety specialist always prior to using any moisture balances for your safety.

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